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We supply a complete line of Adhesives with Unlimited uses !


The StarStuk line of adhesives is designed to meet the needs of today’s Woodworking, Furniture, RV and Manufactured Housing markets. These adhesives have been specially formulated to provide superior bonds for adhering laminates to board substrates, fabric to foam, as well as plastics, steel, glass, fiberglass and wood to each other. The StarStuk line includes high temperature resistant laminating adhesives, specialty adhesives for Styrofoam applications, general purpose adhesives for low temperature or temporary bonds as well as white and yellow wood glues.

Formulated with the highest solids in the industry, StarStuk adhesives are easy to use, more forgiving than comparable adhesives and designed to provide consistent performance in a wider range of application conditions. Most of our products are available in bulk for spray or roll-on application, as well as cost effective aerosols from the 15 oz can to the 400lb canister.

StarStuk laminating adhesives are designed to meet the stringent requirements of today’s regulatory and operating environments. Our broad line of adhesives include products to meet the most demanding needs of state or federal EPA, OSHA, or local fire officials. We were the first to provide a laminating adhesive that meets the regulatory standards of California, the first to provide a postforming adhesive for that state and the first to offer the industry a true nonflammable aerosol laminating adhesive.

Backed by superior service, strong technical and field sales support, StarStuk adhesives are the professional’s choice in the Woodworking, Furniture, RV and Manufactured Housing industries in the U.S. and much of the world.

We inventory all sizes and types of Starstuk products:

  •   The finest in self contained Spray Equipment

  •   Spray Guns, Swivels and Gun Tips

  •   Heavy Duty Hoses - 6', 12', 18', 25', and 50'

  •   Aerosol Spray Cans

  •   Spray Canisters - 11 lb., 37-1/2 lb. 

  •   Bulk Canisters - 187 lb., 375 lb.

  •   Specialty Adhesives

  •   Solvents and Cleaners


Contact cement is a powerful adhesive made of neoprene and synthetic rubber. It is highly resistant to moisture, bonds almost instantly, and requires no clamping of the bonded materials. This adhesive is best used with plastic, rubber, glass, leather, metal, laminates and wood veneers.

Contact Cement is used for a variety of applications.

We inventory many size containers and different types of contact cements:

  •  Available in: Spray Cans, Gallons, 5 Gallon Pails,  55 Gallon Drums

  •  Premium Grades - Flammable & Non-Flammable

  •  Brush Grade, Spray Grade

  •  High Solids and Specialty Adhesives

  •  Also, we stock Solvents and Cleaners


The PARABOND® name is synonymous with quality and innovation in floor covering adhesives.
With more than 30 years of excellent craftsmanship it is no surprise that PARABOND has become the only word for adhesives





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